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Pete Voll (Sifu),
Owner and
Head Instructor of
Full Moon Tai Chi
in Tai Chi Posture
named "Separate Right Foot"

Pete Voll is a Academy Level Certified Instructor and is a Ranking (Presiding and Push-Hands Partnering Judge) by the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association and is a Certified Instructor by Master Helen Wu. In July of 2013 he has passed the last testable Ranking Test (Golden Tiger) with Grand Master Yang Jun as the Presiding and Push Hands Partnering Judge. He has been teaching Tai Chi in Winchester, Va. since 2000, at the Shenandoah Taijiquan Center under the guidance of Master Pat Rice. He began his martial arts journey at the age of 9, starting with Judo, then Karate and Tae Kwon Do. At the age of 19 he studied Kick Boxing, Ginga and Yang Style Tai Chi and Hsing-I. In 1999 he started to learn Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi from Master Pat Rice and has attended many seminars from Grand Master Yang Jun and Grand Master Yang Zhenduo (Yang Family Lineage to Creator of the Yang Style). 

     Sifu Voll continues to learn and practice other styles such as: Xing-Yi, Bagua, Liu He Ba Fa, Baji, and Chen and Sun Style Tai Chi. In addition to the above mentioned Masters Pete has studied from: Master Jose Johnson, Grand Master Nick Gracenin, Grand Master Shou-Yu Liang, Grand Master/Dr. Yang Jwing Ming, Master Wei Lun Huang, Master Helen Wu, and Master/Dr. Yang, Yang. He is in the process of becoming certified to teach Liu He Ba Fa by Grand Master Shou-Yu Liang and Evidence Based Training by Master/Dr. Yang, Yang.

     Sifu Voll is a gold medalist in Yang Style Tai Chi and Xing-Yi at Regional, National, and International Competitions and is a silver and bronze medalist in Liu He Ba Fa, Bagua, and Ginga Tai Chi in National and International Competitions.

Tammy Battista

     Tammy Battista with Peaceful Energies is Teaching Hatha Yoga classes at Full Moon Tai Chi. Tammy has been actively involved in Yoga since 1995 and has been teaching since 2000. She is a member of and certified by the Yoga Alliance. In addition to Yoga, Tammy is a Reiki Master.

Randall Lucas

Randall Lee Lucas began his formal martial arts journey at the age of 14 in Clarksburg, WV studying the art of Chito Ryu Karate.  He trained in this system until graduation from Bridgeport High School and was accepted as a student at West Virginia University. It was there that he trained with many good martial artists and international students of various styles and disciplines. He trained throughout his time there and upon graduation, would find many excellent martial arts teachers to train with as he started his career in social services. It was in 1994 that Sensei Lucas went to Philadelphia to study Orientation and Mobility Therapy at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. During that time he met Hanshi Nimr Hassan, the last student to train with Great Grandmaster James Mitose, thye man credited with bringing Kempo to the United States. He immersed himself the art of kempo with Hanshi Hassan through private and group instruction at the Koga Ha Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo Association of Philadelphia. The dojo was located on Germantown Avenue with classes held nightly there and on Saturday mornings.  Mr. Lucas would later be awarded the title of Menkyo Sensei in the Temple Dance and Escaping Arts as originally taught by Great Grandmaster James Mitose. Menkyo Sensei Lucas was given direct instruction by Hanshi Hassan to study two other systems and examine them in the context and philosophy of the Koga Ha Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo System. He followed this direction and was fortunate enough to study several other arts that included Jeet Kune Do and Chinese Kempo. Infusing some of the techniques and principles of these arts into the Koga Ha System, Menkyo Sensei Lucas asked permission of Hanshi Hassan to develop a martial art based on those studies. It was then that the Baraka Kempo System was born. The Baraka Kempo System was developed as a separate system to show respect to the original system and to indicate that, although it contained the core principles and patterns of the original system, it was not the original Temple Dance and Escaping Arts. A hand symbol was created to denote the formation of this new system and to point back to the original crest of Grandmaster James Mitose. In 2011, after reviewing the basic tenets, concepts, philosophies, and curriculum developed by Sensei Lucas, the Hawaiian Martial Arts International Society recognized Baraka Kempo as a ‘stand-alone’ system and bestowed upon Sensei Lucas the title of Professor. In 2014, Hanshi Nimr Hassan presented Professor Lucas with a certificate recognizing Baraka Kempo as a natural extension of the Koga Ha Kempo system and recognized him as the Soke of that system. Professor Lucas continues his journey of self-discovery as a student of traditional martial arts through the study and teaching of its philosophy and concepts.


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Kasia Voll (Co-Owner/Office Manager)

Pete Voll (Co-owner/Head Instructor)

Tammy Battista (Yoga/Pilates Instructor)                          

Randall Lucas (Kempo Instructor)